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cosplay costumes Green Arrow Cosplay Costumes How to become the focus of the exhibition?

How to become the focus of the exhibition?

“Arrow Season 5” is an action crime drama, this season tells Oliver Quinn to re-recruit the Green Arrow team members after the death of Black Canary Laurel Lance, and cooperate with everyone to stop Prometheus The story of the team conspiracy.

Arrow, the mayor of Star City, his mission is to protect his hometown on a brand new stage, even though he is still suffering for the dissolution of the Green Arrows. It is working to combat police corruption and new threats led by gang leader Tobias Church.

Green Arrow Cosplay Costumes

If you have a great interest in Arrow, or if you don’t find a suitable cosplay costume in the coming of the show, and want to challenge the special cool shape, then you can try the Arrow.I hope that our next introduction will bring you a different Arrow.

Bottom long sleeve

The material of the long-sleeved base is quite special. It is different from the knit and cotton linen of the bottoming shirt. The sleeves of this bottoming shirt are leather and coarse knit, but the middle is a hexagonal mesh shirt. Translucent material.It’s hard to find clothes that match it on the market, so you have to buy it separately.

Hooded jacket

The hooded jacket is the same PU material as the sleeves, and the whole body is dark green, which matches the name of the Arrow.When you buy leather clothes, you are easily deceived by lower prices, but you must keep your eyes open and choose the best quality leather. For more choices, please pay attention to our website: Good leather clothes can not only bring you better. Shopping experience can also prevent the cortex from being easily damaged.Although you may have few chances to wear in your life, the sense of quality it brings is irreplaceable compared to cheap goods.


The same dark green leather trousers may not give a particularly good impression at first glance, but its overall coordination has a cool charm, and this seems to be a particularly interesting role to play.

Leather boots

In order to avoid being too boring, I chose a black strappy leather boots that would not be particularly eye-catching. The shiny leather boots are full of glamour. The boots are also everywhere in the general mall.

Eye mask

The eye mask is also one of the special logos of Arrow, it is black, you can choose to breathe better to prevent eyes from wearing eye mask for a long time and feel uncomfortable.


But when you see this dark green quiver, you know that Arrow has to appear. The quiver is the place where Arrow is loaded with arrows. It is the iconic weapon.If you find it difficult to find a replacement, try doing it yourself. First find the leather of similar color, cut the strip to make the strap, then surround the remaining leather into a cylinder, cut the circle to make the bottom, sew the cylinder and the bottom, and connect it with the strap, such an arrow The bag is ready.


Accessories include gloves and leg straps to prevent him from being injured while fighting, and also a must-have for every hero.

The courage to try different Green Arrow cosplay is a thing that requires courage but is very attractive. You can gain more happiness in constantly challenging yourself.

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