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Telling time is the basic function of wristwatches. With sporting events, having a watch that gives accurate precision is certainly very important. For example TAG Heuer is a brand that has been used in order to tell accurate official time during special sporting events since the 1920’s.
TAG Heuer began their timing serves with the Olympic Games in the 1920’s and also continued their official timing services with the Formula 1 automobile racing events since 1969 (40 years). Tiger Woods, the famous golfer, has been spotted wearing a sports TAG Heuer Link Calibre S chronograph wristwatch. Jeff Gordon, a well known race car driver has endorsed the TAG Heuer brand of men’s watches and he is known to wear a TAG Heuer Carrera chronograph Tachymeter.

Other brands of wristwatches that are great for sports men include the omega brand of wrist watches. Michael Schumacher (aka Schumi) the famous formula 1 race car driver wears a very beautiful Omega Speedmaster. Michael Phelps who happens to be a well known American swimmer wears a thick Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean wristwatch. Famous golfer Sergio proudly shows off a beautiful Omega Constellation Double Eagle chronograph wrist watch.

The Rolex brand of wristwatches is also quite popular among men who happen to be sports enthusiasts or men who simply love to engage in sports. The Rolex Oyster is a superb watch that is famous for its high water resistance feature. In 1927 the Rolex Oyster wristwatch made history when it still remained in pristine condition after being used to cross the English channel by a female swimmer (Mercedes Gleitze), it still remained in top condition after being immersed in water for 14 hours and 15 minutes! This made the Rolex Oyster wristwatch top news headlines.

Okay, these watches worn by world renowned sports men are quite expensive and but you do not have to buy one if you cannot afford it. Swiss replica watches are a great alternative and won’t cost you an arm or leg. For men who love to climb mountains, ski, surf, scuba dive etc replica watches can also withstand very harsh conditions and hard use too. You can find these watches in online stores, online auction web sites and traditional brick and mortar stores. we have great Rolex replica watches.Rolex sporty models such as the Submarine, Daytona, Yacht-Master and¬†Explorer¬†series are very popular.

You don’t have to be a sports man in order to buy a sports watch, you can get one for a friend or family member – they make excellent presents.

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