“When in doubt, go big!” That is the common wisdom associated with the Onesie Halloween Costumes and Accessories. If you are planning on throwing a Halloween party this year and have no idea what to get the kids, or the adults for that matter, what better option to go with than a Onesie? The one thing that I like about Onesies is that they’re so versatile that you can use them for more than one occasion. Just imagine how many times you can use them as party decor, or costume props!

When it comes to the classic pirate Halloween costumes, the Onesie Halloween Costumes comes to mind. The pirate onesie’s main purpose is to keep your child warm during the chilly nights of October 31st. The popular pirate costume for kids are the pirate ones’s which come with an adjustable head piece as well as a full sleeve sweater. Just add a couple pillows underneath the pirate costume for additional comfort and to make the outfit complete. Pirate Halloween costumes also come complete with an open fly, which adds to the character of the pirate.

Adults can dress up as Uncle Sam, the Franchise Jack Sparrow, and even as bikini Barbie for an authentic pirate costume. The hottest jumpsuit Halloween costumes for adults feature a black bodysuit with cargo pants and black knee boots. With a red and white plaid shirt and a feather boa, these adult onesie Halloween costumes for adults really make the ladies happy!

Kids’ Halloween costumes for this year include many animal onesie Halloween costumes for the children to choose from. From the jungle costumes of a monkey with his friends to the giraffe and elephant onesie Halloween costumes, the animals have it all. To complete the animal costume, little ones can add accessories such as toy weapons, jewelries and other accessories. The giraffe onesie Halloween costumes are sure to catch the attention of everyone at the party, whether they are women or men.

No matter what one’s costume you choose this Halloween, be ready to have fun! Dress up for the party in one of the hottest outfits this year and try something different. Dress up in one of the hottest Halloween costumes of 2011 and don’t forget to try out the sexy ones. This year there are many sexy onesie Halloween costumes for adults including the pirate ones and the sexy banana ones that will surely bring smiles to the faces of your female party-goers.

Sexy baby costumes are also available this year. These cute baby onesie Halloween costumes come with adorable baby animal prints on them which makes them a hit at the party. If you want to treat an older baby this Halloween, a sexy pirate ones Halloween costume will be great for her. Both baby and adult costumes of this year’s best sellers are available at online baby costume stores in different colors, sizes, designs and styles that will surely impress everyone at the party.